Sep. 20th, 2010

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Today I am sitting in my favourite cafe (also known as my surrogate living-room; cost notwithstanding I do treat this place as an extension of my living space!) looking out of the window and watching the world go by.

The weather in Scotland is famously unpredictable; it is also often quite beautiful in that very changeability. At least I find it so, but I'm not entirely convinced that people who spend any amount of time here don't often end up developing a sort of Stockholm Syndrome with regard to the weather, a kind of expectation that the harsh treatment is desirable.

Today I watched as the heavy grey overcast gave way to the most beautiful golden slanting autumn sun simultaneous with a shimmering light rain shower. I could see every tiny droplet catch the light like a shining silver veil across the ordinary street-scene. The greens (and there is a lot of green here, gardens and trees and all) positively glowed as the low autumn sun turned them into a sort of natural stained glass window, and the rain-wet concrete turned from grey to a mirror-like silver. The first golds of autumn are just starting to show in the birches; they're mostly still green, just poised exactly on the cusp between summer and autumn, and that golden autumn light reflected that transition perfectly. Quite, quite beautiful.


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