Sep. 24th, 2010

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I like food. No, actually, I *love* food. I love eating food, and I love thinking about food, and I love discovering new things about food. As such, I reckon it'd be perfectly allowable to count "what I had for breakfast this morning" under towards the goal of "posting something most days."

Now, I know there's a lot of jokes about blogging and using "what I had for breakfast" as a shorthand for being overly self-regarding - but I really do want to write about this morning's breakfast. See, I'd like to to be keep track of recipes and so on here, and as it happens the first interesting foodstuff I've come across was breakfast today. Please do excuse how amusing I find this unintenional adherence to stereotypes!

Anyway, I was being rather experimental with this morning's breakfast. My usual involves toast-plus-protein but as it turned out I had no bread left. This kind of failure of organisation happens from time to time and usually plan B involves porridge. However, porridge fails quite badly on the protein front. Long years of trial and error have shown me that (A) I *really* fail to function without breakfast and (B) said breakfast needs to have a decent protein content or I just get hungry again about an hour later. So today I decided to experiment with nuts in my porridge. And then I decided to experiment with semolina instead of oats. The end result was a delicious meal that wasn't actually porridge anymore; it was semi-solid with a lovely fine texture, almost exactly like polenta (funnily enough.)

For the record and in the interests of reproducibility, the end result had about 25g of ground almonds, 30g of semolina and 250ml of soya milk (since I'm vegan - no reason dairy wouldn't work though). To my taste it didn't need any sweetening but I fully intend to experiment (more!) with adding stuff. I suspect than dried fruit might be rather nice...


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