Feb. 2nd, 2011

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...but largely on paper, as it turns out. How odd!

I am briefly passing back through to talk about the fact that today has locally (i.e. at my house) been declared The Christmas Of The Rabbit. Happy Rabbit to you! It's a hybrid festival combining T.E.P. and I finally getting round to a mid-winter festival, and (by pure coincidence) the start of the Year of the Yin Metal Rabbit (xin mao, year 28 of the sexagenary cycle). At least it's the start of said year going by the time difference between where I am and parts of the world where that calendar is actually in use.

Our tiny little kitchen has food in various states of preparation over every available surface - there is a warm coleslaw on the draining board, fried pancakes made of chestnut, pinenut and walnut on the worktop by the cooker, T.E.P.'s special stewed mushrooms warming on the hob, one tray of roast potatoes stacked on a frying pan left to cool on the hob and the other on the sideboard, a vat of creamy celeriac and leek soup (also on the hob), a chocolate cake plus a bowl with the left-over buttercream on top of the fridge, spice syrup for the mulled cider in a saucepan on the worktop by the sink, a tub of choc-chip cookies (to be had with chocolate ice-cream* as well as for sustenance during cooking) piled haphazardly on a pile of yet-to-be-washed dishes and the experimental double choc-chip bread and butter pudding is in the oven. Pretty much every other surface is covered by assorted debris such as yet-to-be-licked mixing bowls, the trimmings from making the two layers of chocolate cake fit together and a rather substantial amount of washing up.

We are currently having a brief rest with a glass of chilled grape juice and eating shall start soon. Happy Rabbit!

*I had a couple of them fresh out of the oven with icecream last night. I'll be doing that again.


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