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I've just noticed that I managed to not say anything about having completed NaNoWriMo. That makes my fourth successful year, I'm delighted to say. Four genres in four years: fantasy(ish), SF, Lovecraftian horror and now porn. If I do this year, it'll be a mystery novel, I reckon.

I suspect that this oversight was down to ending up incredibly busy with getting ready to go away for Christmas (did I mention that I went to Brighton* for Christmas?), and then since January I've been writing in a paper journal. I'm pretty sure not having my own little netbook is helping with that particular project; a nice black hardback book that satisfies my inner stationery geek is much more portable than T.E.P.'s full-size laptop. When I have a little more cash in hand I shall take her to the laptop doctor and see if the problematic power connection can be repaired or replaced.

*So, I went to Brighton for Christmas. There's a story to this. On Christmas Day 2007, T.E.P. was ill and could only face beans and toast. 2008 saw him both ill and having to go to work; calling in sick when you're skeleton holiday cover looks more than a little dodgy, no matter how miserable you are. And Christmas Day 2009 was spent at T.E.P.'s hospital bed, playing Scrabble over his two broken legs, subsequent to a vicious attack by a tree while sledging a few days before.

As a result of all of the above, T.E.P. declared that there would be "no sodding Christmas in 2010" so when Siani and I were discussing the possibility of me spending Christmas with her in Brighton, I checked that this still held good and then spent a very happy couple of weeks on Siani's couch.

Incidentally, the statement "we're not having Christmas this year" did not quite adequately explain why a bottle of my favourite Norfolk mead and two books I had desperately wanted showed up on Siani's doorstep. T.E.P. and I had to have some words after that; admittedly, many of them were "thank you!" but that doesn't change the underlying sneakiness. I took some stealth presents back with me to make up for it.


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