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Name:Missing Opossum
Birthdate:Apr 24, 1979
[Temp'ry edit August 2018: I wrote the below on my LJ in... 2004? I've not touched in much since, apparently, so *might* be due an update. Maybe. The opossums are staying though. Wherever they are.]

I am a small Glasgow goth who likes travelling and reads lots, to the point where I've had to negotiate that books officially count as an extra vice. And not just books but also strawberries and apples, with the option of further negotiations if necessary. The thinking is that non-drinking, non-smoking vegans such as myself have to work hard at the vices we do have and being able to acquire a few extra helps a lot....

This LJ does get updated from time to time (contrary to appearances if you wander through between such fits of activity). I am a lurker by nature, on various groups ranging from ag to and going through on the way, but don't usually talk to anyone. Ever. Which is all very goth but for the first time in....oooh....years and years, I'm not depressed and since I'm rather enjoying the novelty of this I'm giving the social activity thing another go. If I keep practicing I'll get the hang of it at some point. Maybe. [EDIT: this bit is not currently true, hence the striking, but in a fit of optimism I'm going to leave it struck through rather than delete it altogether]

Oh and if you don't recognise me from the above there's a halfway recognizable photo with my icons.

N.B. At various points in these pages the acronym T.E.P. will appear. This is my best beloved, known in full as The Emperor Penguin. However since that LJ account is taken he prefers to be a mysterious voice coming from somewhere offscreen.

Also, if anyone is looking for missing opossums they aren't here, but someone may have seen them.
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